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Lotus Suite

The Lotus Suite is a charming and spacious flat of about 40 m², with asian elegance.
It has it's own bathroom with shower and toilet, and a private terasse.
One can get a glimpse of the nearby lake, and the terasse is a perfect place to enjoy the morning in the sun.
There is a double bed, and plenty of space for up to three extra beds on request.
The suite is also very well suited for wedding couples. We offer a wedding package which includes extra decoration with flowers and candles, and breakfeast can be served privately to the room or terasse.
The room price for two is 110€. (Weddingpackage 175€)

Sun suite

The Sun suite is an elegant, sunny and spacious room.
Traditional timberframing gives the room a rustic touch which counterpoints the elegant interiour with beautiful teak furniture.
Facing south with large windows there is a sunny and light feeling in the room. Also it feels spacious as the ceilings are over 3m high.
Shower and toilet are ensuite. There is a double bed and a space to fit two extra beds.
The price for two is 100€; Single 85€

Saffron Suite

The Saffron Suite room is a sunny and elegant room with handcarved pillars.
The room is south facing with large windows and high ceiling that give it a spacious feel.
There is a private bathroom with shower and a double bed. One or two extra beds can be arranged.
The price for two is 95€; Single 80€